Mr. Gauthier Mutombo King - is the chief executive officer of several successful organizations globally. He is Chairman of the Board and CEO, of A Plus Globe Consulting, Inc. a U.S. based Consulting firm with specialization in turnkey solutions for both private and public sector. King also serves as a member of company boards as a director. He brings more than 17 years of business industry leadership, in equipment, logistics, event, and executive management experience, to his roles. His current roles include; CEO of Aplus Globe, Inc, Aplus Office Equipment, Inc, President and CEO of Aplus Analytics, Inc, Chairman of the board at the Congolese Business Roundtable and Chamber of Commerce (CBRCC)

Olivier Ludunge (president)

Since 2008 Olivier Ludunge has been CEO of Hiring Strategy, a leading Employment agency based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Hiring Strategy works with numerous government contractors and Fortune 500 companies in various industries.  Prior to Hiring Strategy, Olivier led the prestigious Carlton Search Associates’s Talent Acquisition Department as Director. He was also Head of Human Resources for Cascades Technology, a reputable government contractor based in Herndon, Virginia. Academically, Olivier Ludunge possesses a degree in Business Administration. Olivier Ludunge is Currently the President of CBRCC

Claude Lutete III (Chief Financial Officer -cfo)

For over 20 years, Claude Lutete, III has been working for Lexus where he has gained extensive experience in Sales and Finance. 

 Prior to Lexus, Claude has worked in upper business management, imports and exports and also in financial planning.

he has a Master Degree in International Business and also attended the Highest Education in Brussels at I.C.H.E.C. majoring in Commercial Engineering.

Currently Claude Lutete, III is Chief Financial Officer at CBRCC.

SYLVIE LUDUNGE (Executive Director)

For the past 6 years, Sylvie ludunge has been a very successful IT recruiter prior to recruiting, she worked as a result-oriented credit professional with solid experience and demonstrated accomplishments in mortgage lending, and credit analysis. With nearly eight years of experience in the mortgage banking/financial industry. 

Her passion for the Democratic Republic of Congo has Brought her to the Congolese Business Roundtable and Chamber of Commerce (CBRCC)  Where she is Currently working as The Executive Director 


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